Fornasetti Scented Candle

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Fornasetti Scented Candle

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The Fornasetti scented candle is placed in an elegant ceramic jar decorated with the artwork called Bacio (which in Italian means Kiss) created by Piero Fornasetti, famous Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator and engraver.
Details: every piece from the archive of Piero Fornasetti is recreated and entirely handcrafted following preserved artisanal techniques by the Atelier Fornasetti in Milan. On each item you will find its unique identification number, annual production limit and the date of creation. Composition: 100% vegetable wax, 300 gr.

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Archivista's notes

Piero Fornasetti can be called the grand explorer of a woman’s mystery. “What inspired me to create more than 500 images of women? I cannot say exactly, I just started once and could never stop”.
His son Barnaba Fornasetti has revived the profound research of his father and today we are proud to present to you these pieces filled with elegance and a sense of humor, communicating metaphysics and poetry, which are intrinsic characteristics of Piero Fornasetti’s identity.
The scented candle infused with scents of Fornasetti Perfumes is a genuine aesthetic delight for the eye will evoking deep sensation in your heart and inspiring your mind through enjoyable olfactory experience.
Designer: Piero Fornasetti
Country: Italia

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