Seletti Porcelain desk organizer

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Seletti Porcelain desk organizer

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The order on your desk is now maintained with the creativity of the designer Héctor Serrano. Elegant and functional modular desk organizers are introduced in three porcelain variations: a warehouse, city or ship.
The pieces from the Desktructure collection are created in fine white porcelain and consist of open containers and small boxes which help you to organize your working space. You can recompose and arrange elements of the set in any order, using them all together or separately.


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Made in Chiaro Scuro

Italy, Piancogno
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Collection: Desktructure
Designer: Héctor Serrano
Released: first half of the year 2012
Details: modular writing instruments desk organizer; Composition: porcelain; Color: white, blue stripe;
Measurements: 33 cm X 6,5 cm, Height: 11 cm

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