SMERALDINA Porcelain Teapot

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SMERALDINA Porcelain Teapot

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This fascinating collection was inspired by the idea to portray a connection between the two worlds, the East and the West by reconsidering the classic set of bone china porcelain.
The Hybrid collection for Seletti features the unification of two diverse cultures, represented by different patterns and colors and divided by the red line as the border between Occidental and Oriental parts. The century-old story of the mutual influence and interconnection is portrayed in two parts of this teapot.
The idea is the result of the creative research carried our by the art and design studio Ctrlzak, the Greek-Italian collaboration between Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos. Products are manufactured in the Tangshan city in China and decorated by hand.

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Italy, Piancogno
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Collection: Hybrid
Designer: Katia Meneghini e Thanos Zakopoulos
Country: Tangshan, China
Released: first half of the year 2011
Details: Bone china porcelain, Ø 15 cm – H.13 cm, hand painting.

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